Subsidence Claims Advisory Bureau was formed in 1993 with the aim to provide advice to those who lived in properties or were considering purchasing properties that had suffered from subsidence

They have assisted their customers in making claims, securing lending and full and comprehensive Insurance that would cover any future issues they may have.
“Nobody wants a subsidence claim. If, somehow, we could wave a magic wand and make subsidence disappear then not only would insurance companies be ecstatic…you, the home owner, should be as well.
Subsidence blights properties and diminishes equity, so it follows that in everybody’s interest to reduce the number of claims and contrary to what most people think that’s possible.
Virtually all subsidence claims are caused by external influences (trees and leaking drains) interreacting with clay soils. This website has been produced to help you minimise the dangers of these external influences.
How to manage trees…how to spot if your drains are leaking.
We believe it is possible to reduce the number of subsidence claims ..and if that can be achieved it’s good news for everybody.”

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Subsidence Claims Advisory Bureau
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